22-Dec to 19-Jan

If ever there was a time that's perfect for you to figure out a plan for letting someone down gently, this is it. Planning is, after all, your specialty. Your first and best rule will be to 'do no harm' -- to either of you -- even if that's much easier said than done. In other words, don't let them goad, manipulate or persuade you into staying longer than you should. If you're done, you're done.

20-Jan to 18-Feb

You don't have to sit there any longer -- you've been waiting long enough. It's time for someone to tell you exactly what they think of you, and in no uncertain terms. The good news is that the two of you already agree on most everything, from politics to ice cream flavors. Now all you have to do is find a way to pry this one little thing out of them. It won't be too tough.

19-Feb to 20-Mar

You believe that you've spent far too long on this project, waiting for someone to come around to your way of thinking. You also believe that, given enough time, you could convince anyone of anything -- and that includes this stubborn soul. You're right on both counts. If you hadn't been quite so eager to change minds, you probably could have pulled this project off alone. As it is, you needed help because you got distracted. But who could blame you?

21-Mar to 20-Apr

The Moon is urging everyone to make time for romance, and you just happen to be oh so in the mood to cooperate. If you're thinking of doing it up big, and it would be surprising if you weren't, why not succumb to the atmosphere? Indulge yourself -- no, indulge your sweetheart. Rent a limo and head to dinner at a five-star restaurant. Then bribe the waiter to bring a rose to the table just as 'your song' begins to play.

21-Apr to 21-May

You're still trying to figure out what to do about the current situation at work, but your emotions seem to be drowning out your thoughts. Not to worry. Every now and then, it's only fair to give your 'kinder, gentler' side control of the steering wheel. It's now officially time to do so. Relax, and let the universe lead you. That means no obsessing -- which could be far easier said than done.

22-May to 21-Jun

No one's ever had to remind you that fun often comes from unexpected circumstances. So even though this weekend seems quiet, you'll have one eye open for a 'coincidence' that will bring you right to your next adventure. Of course, you know that there's really no such thing as a coincidence -- it's all about the universe arranging for you to meet someone or get somewhere -- but others might not. Educate them. Gently.

22-Jun to 22-Jul

You've been playing this part for what seems like forever: your family's honorary peacemaker, mediator and hostage negotiator. You've talked a family member off the symbolic ledge more than once, and you've always known that the chances were excellent that it would happen again. Well, guess what? Yep. It's time to break out your crisis kit. The good news is that this time out, it will go a lot smoother. Practice makes perfect, hmm?

23-Jul to 22-Aug

A recent chat with a dear one has left you wearing a big ol' smile -- and from all indications, it's going to keep you smiling all weekend. Hey, you've earned the right to be happy. The past couple of weeks have been 'interesting,' one might say, but you managed to keep your chin up, stay chipper and even help get others out of the moods they were in. Now enjoy your heavenly rewards.

23-Aug to 23-Sep

Ready to go over your finances? Well, good. Of course, you may have ulterior motives for making those lists and checking them twice. Isn't there something you've been drooling over in one of your many catalogs? Bet there is. Bet you can find it in a store for a better price, too -- if anyone can. Take a friend along for the ride. That way, when you find it for a steal, you'll have a witness.

24-Sep to 22-Oct

Your emotions are right there on your face, for all the world to see -- and the best part is that they're all good emotions. You're happy and pleased with yourself over recent relationship developments, and you know the feelings are mutual. So what could be better? Well, you could lavish some adoring attention on the person responsible for all this good stuff. That could make things even better, right?

23-Oct to 22-Nov

That feeling you've had recently? That this might not be the very best moment to let the world know about you two? As usual, you're right -- and while it may not be easy to continue keeping quiet, you should do everything you can to convince the other person concerned that it's your best bet. Hey, you know the expression about how anything good is worth waiting for? Sit tight.

23-Nov to 21-Dec

The full moon may be waning, but your enthusiasm certainly isn't. You've been thinking of getting to know a whole new group of people for some time now. Well, you've met them, and you were absolutely right. All you have to do now is show up, smile and work your way in. They want you there, so it won't be tough. Oh, and think about getting them together with the 'old gang.' Bring a camera -- it's going to be good.