22-Dec to 19-Jan

It never hurts to reexamine how your work helps (or fails to help) your community. After all, you're a very socially sensitive, community-oriented person, and if you are engaged in work that doesn't involve a role in the community, you should probably make some changes. On the other hand, maybe it's a question of perspective: There are really almost no jobs that don't, in some way, contribute to society as a whole.

20-Jan to 18-Feb

You have a golden touch, but not in a bad way like King Midas. No, you've got a lighter golden touch where everything that passes through your fingers takes on a warm, healthy glow. It might sparkle a little too. What is this magic touch of yours? It could have something to do with the combined powers of belief and imagination. Today, take those powers and turn them into very real results.

19-Feb to 20-Mar

How are you feeling about your social life? Is it too busy or too quiet? Too many people or not enough? Don't forget that one of the nice things about having a social circle is that you have different outlets for different elements of your personality (which is, as you know, multifaceted). Have you got this? Or do you need to meet some new people?

21-Mar to 20-Apr

If there's a problem happening in your personal life, you're in a good position to take care of it. This almost always starts with asking the other person how they're feeling. Next tell them that you care. Then try to be totally honest with yourself about how you feel and what you're contributing to the problem. Take a little time out. Keep repeating this process until you both feel better. Then hug each other and make up!

21-Apr to 21-May

For you it isn't enough just to get the job done. No, you want to know that the job you're doing is having a positive impact on the world around you. Take some time to consider whether your effort is meeting this requirement for your happiness. If it isn't, then you might consider a career shift. What about something that involves teaching? Or community organizing? Or maybe your current job already has -- or could have -- these elements.

22-May to 21-Jun

Nobody would call you prodigal. But today you might want to focus even more than usual on conservation. Whether it's your energy, your gains, the environment or all three, today should be dedicated to taking stock and making sure everything is as stable as possible. Later on, you can harness this energy for some major moves -- but right now, just make sure there aren't any leaks in your bucket.

22-Jun to 22-Jul

Sometimes the trick to having a good day is sleeping in. Today, do your best just to relax. Get up slowly. Stay in your pajamas. Make a big breakfast, but don't stress out about it. Yes, this is the life! And it's your life, just the way you want it. Now that's taking control.

23-Jul to 22-Aug

Why not just get started on learning a new sport? Or a new language? Or how to cook, if you don't know how to already? The great thing about learning something new is you don't have to be in control -- you just have to sit back and listen to instructions. Sure, the active phase comes along pretty quickly, but in the beginning, you're just taking things in. And that's exactly the right space to be in.

23-Aug to 23-Sep

Have you been putting off any details lately? Today is a great day to go ahead and get through these little things. Give yourself plenty of time, make sure you have plenty of energy, boil a pot of water and add plenty of green tea, then get plenty organized and then get plenty detail oriented. By the end of the day, you'll have accomplished plenty!

24-Sep to 22-Oct

Whether you've been working to establish a new neighborhood soup kitchen or you've been polishing up your own cooking skills to make more meals for your friends and family, you're in the finishing stages of a self-improvement project. So let people know you're ready for a test run and give them a date to come by and try whatever it is you're cooking up. Should be delicious!

23-Oct to 22-Nov

You are nothing if not a terrific planner. But have you been neglecting your social circle in all of your work planning? Your people might be feeling a little left out of your well-planned, excellently executed world. Maybe you should plan a dinner or two with your nearest and dearest -- just check in and make sure everybody is feeling connected. It's important, you know.

23-Nov to 21-Dec

You're tough. Not just because you didn't cry once during your marathon training a few years back. Not because you get up at daybreak and do crunches until your tummy muscles absolutely ache. Although these things also make you tough, your toughness isn't limited to the physical. You can handle difficult emotions -- yours and other people's -- and this is the true test of toughness. Bravo!